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Raccoon Removal in Westchester County, NY

Raccoons in your attic or crawlspace? Call our state certified raccoon removal experts at QualityPro. We are fully licensed and insured with years of experience in raccoon removal. We can help residential and commercial raccoon removal. We specialize in a permanent solution for your raccoon problem. We use proven techniques that are safe for your home or business, family and your pets.  We can take care of problems of raccoons in the attic. Have peace of mind knowing that your raccoon problem will be taken care of promptly and affordably. QualityPro is the best choice for homeowners, businesses, and government. Contact one of our friendly staff today and ask them about your raccoon removal needs. 914-999-6199

Raccoon Control

Are you in need of Raccoon Control? Our professionals at QualityPro will control your raccoon problem. Residential raccoons have long adapted to living in attics, crawlspaces, raiding garbage cans. They will steal pet food. They will invade chimneys and dig up your yard. Noises in the night are usually a sign that you may need Raccoon Control. Aside for raccoons being a nuisance, they do carry a number of diseases and parasites. Raccoon control should only be attempted by a professional.

  • Raccoons in the attic
  • Raccoons on the roof
  • Raccoons in the crawlspace
  • Raccoons destroying roof
  • Raccoons damage repair and exclusion

Raccoons move into your home or property? QualityPro can remove your raccoons promptly and affordably. Our humane solutions effectively remove the raccoons. Our restoration team can repair any damage caused by the raccoons and address any contamination or nesting left behind. Raccoon Removal can prove to be difficult if not handled by a professional. Any failed attempts to catch a raccoon, by home and business owners can cause a raccoon to be “trap shy” or stay away from the traps. Let our professionals at QualityPro remove your raccoons humanely. We can help if you find raccoons digging in garbage.

Preventing Raccoon Infestations

While our team at Quality Pro Pest & Wildlife Services is equipped to handle raccoon infestations, prevention is always the best solution. Here are some tips to prevent raccoons from entering your property:

  • Secure trash cans with tight-fitting lids
  • Do not leave pet food or birdseed outside
  • Seal entry points to your home, such as chimneys and attics
  • Trim tree branches that are close to your roof

It's important to note that raccoons can carry diseases and should not be approached or handled by untrained individuals. If you suspect a raccoon infestation, contact our team immediately for safe and effective removal.

Why Choose Quality Pro Pest & Wildlife Services for Raccoon Control?

When it comes to raccoon control in Hawthorne, NY and the surrounding areas, Quality Pro Pest & Wildlife Services is the top choice for homeowners and businesses. Here's why:

  • Experience and Expertise: Our team of experienced technicians has extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with raccoon infestations. We understand their behavior, habits, and the most effective methods to remove and prevent them from returning.
  • Humane Approach: We believe in humane raccoon removal methods. Our technicians are trained to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your property without causing harm to the animals.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: We offer comprehensive raccoon control solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're dealing with a single raccoon or a full-blown infestation, we have the tools and techniques to effectively eliminate the problem.
  • Prevention Strategies: Our services go beyond just removing raccoons. We also provide effective prevention strategies to ensure that raccoons don't return to your property. We'll identify and seal off potential entry points, install deterrents, and provide recommendations to make your property less attractive to raccoons.
  • Professional and Reliable: Quality Pro Pest & Wildlife Services is known for its professionalism and reliability. We arrive on time, work efficiently, and strive to exceed customer expectations. You can trust us to handle your raccoon control needs with utmost care and professionalism.

Don't let raccoons wreak havoc on your property. Contact Quality Pro Pest & Wildlife Services today for effective and humane raccoon control solutions in Hawthorne, NY.

Raccoon Facts


Raccoons are “well-rounded,” often plump, with reddish brown to gray fur. Adults weigh an average of 15 pounds, and are readily identified by alternating rings on the tail and characteristic black “mask.”


Raccoons can become a nuisance if people unknowingly supply food or shelter for them. They can be attracted by food available in gardens, fish ponds, pet feeders or garbage, or by cavities that might offer shelter.


Raccoons feed mainly at night. They eat fruit, nuts, berries, small animals and insects, and also will feed on pet food, garbage, and garden crops.


Female raccoons look for den sites in late winter. Litters of one to seven young are born in April and May.


QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services are the raccoon removal specialists. With experience in raccoon trapping in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam Counties and Greenwich CT, QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services are the easy and intelligent choice for your pest removal needs. Everyone knows the trouble unwanted raccoons can cause your property or building. In digging through your trash and causing a mess, to nibbling on power lines, phone chords, cable, satellite or internet lines, the risk of catastrophic damage is imminent. It is important when you suspect that your property might be invaded by a raccoon to contact QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services immediately so that the invading pests can be quickly and efficiently removed saving you thousands in future costs of potential repairs not to mention the risk of lost essential services to your property as well should they damage an important line or cable. QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services are available now to help you with your raccoon removal Westchester problems.

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