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Opossum Removal in Westchester County

These rat-tailed mammals may hit even closer to home by causing damage to your house as they try to gain entry. A shed is normally elevated off the ground and is perfect for bringing up a possum family. Opossum can cause damage to your yard and your home as they try to find a place to build a nest for their young. Opossum or possum control should be initiated as soon as you find possums in yard. The best way to remove opossum from your property is to call a professional wildlife control operator.  Contact QualityPro today.   We will do humane opossum trapping to take care of these animals. For immediate opossum trapping assistance please call QualityPro at (914) 877-3006.

Opossum Trapping

Opossums or possums are attracted to homes in their search for food. They may tear their way into patios, decks, and homes to make a nest. Once an area has been established, opossums will return year after year. They can pose a threat to your family if cornered. They can also cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Don’t wait, call us for your opossum removal needs, 914-999-6199.  Opossums can be rabid and known to attack if provoked. For this reason it’s important to consult a professional for your opossum control needs.

Facts About Opossums


An opossum is a whitish or grayish mammal about the size of a house cat. Its face is long and pointed and its ears are rounded and hairless. Maximum length is 40 inches; the rat-like tail is slightly less than half the total length. Opossums may weigh as much as 14 pounds.


Opossums living near people may visit compost piles, garbage cans, or food dishes intended for dogs, cats, and other pets.


Foods preferred by opossums are mainly insects or dead animals. Opossums also eat considerable amounts of fruits and grains.


The opossum’s mating season is January to July in warmer parts of the range but may start a month later and end a month earlier in northern areas. Opossums may raise two, rarely three, litters per year.


Not only does QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services provide rodent removal, but also opossum removal – needs are assessed and delivered. Contact QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services today!

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