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Westchester County Commercial Pest Control

Westchester County Commercial Pest Control

QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services has provided effective pest control solutions for a variety of commercial locations since 2004. We use trusted control methods that we tailor to your location and the problems you face. Our team has the skill and knowledge to safely treat restaurants, offices, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, and more. To find out what we can do for your property in Hawthorne or Chappaqua, contact us. Our team is even available 24/7 to perform our services in an emergency. 

Call (914) 877-3006 or reach out to us online.

Expert Extermination Services for Hawthorne Businesses

QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services offers comprehensive control solutions that can help you put an end to various types of infestations.

We have the expertise to address problems with any of the following:

We know that an infestation can be detrimental to your business or organization’s success, but quality pest control can help you save time and money. Trust our experienced team to put an end to your problems so you can get back to normal and avoid the costs of an infestation.  

Our Three-Step Pest Control Process

When you hire us to treat your commercial property, we perform our services in three stages: inspection, treatment, and follow-up. 

Our Hawthorne commercial pest control method:

  • Inspection: We thoroughly inspect your property to locate areas where pests could feed, nest, and more. These include areas where you keep garbage, inventory, or other things that can create clutter. They also include nearby wooded or grassy areas. Our decades of experience have taught us exactly what to look for, no matter if we are working at an office building, restaurant, or anywhere else.  
  • Treatment: We treat your property, both inside and out, with safe and efficient methods that can put an end to your pest problems. Our team can repair any damage an infestation has caused and take measures to prevent insects from getting back inside by sealing cracks, fixing holes, and more. 
  • Follow-up: To ensure your satisfaction and give you peace of mind, we return to your property to perform additional inspections or treatments. Our job is not done until you are pest-free. Our team can also disinfect, deodorize, and repair spaces that have been infested.

Emergency Pest Control for Hawthorne Businesses

When you need help fast, you can trust our Hawthorne commercial pest control services. We know that bugs can drive customers away, make employees feel uncomfortable at work, and cause damage to your property. All of this on top of the health risks insects present for all who visit your establishment can be a disaster. No matter the time of day, give us a call. Our team can work quickly to address your pest problem and minimize your downtime. 

Preventative Pest Management Plans

Unfortunately, the nature of many businesses makes them susceptible to pests. For example, restaurants produce food waste that can attract insects and hotels frequently have numerous entry points where bugs can get in and find places to eat and nest. Regularly treating your establishment can mitigate the risks of an infestation and the health hazards that come with them. At QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services, we offer three routine control plans.

Our plans: 

  • Silver: Ideal for general pest control, this plan can rid your property of insects like cockroaches and silverfish. It also includes removal services for rodents.
  • Gold: This plan includes all the benefits of the silver plan, with added protection against insects that destroy wood like carpenter bees and carpenter ants.
  • Platinum: Our most comprehensive plan, this routine service adds treatment for seasonal pests liketicks, mosquitos, wasps, stink bugs, and cicadas.

Let us keep insects away from your property throughout the year! Contact us onlineor call (914) 877-3006 for commercial pest control in Hawthorne.


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