Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Services in Briarcliff

Professional Bat Removal

Call QualityPro for professional bat removal in Briarcliff. There are several indicators that bats may be in your attic or home. If you are seeing bats flying near your home or hearing noises in your attic, call us to arrange an inspection. Your attic is the perfect location for them to nest. If they stay, there will be damages and they may even make their way into your living space. This is definitely a problem you want handled sooner rather than later. Call us at (914) 877-3006 for the safe and humane removal of bats in Westchester County.

Dangers from Bats

Bats bring insects and the guano or droppings they produce is filled with dangerous bacteria. When the guano is disturbed during clean up, particles can disburse in the air. This can create poor breathing conditions. They are also common carriers of rabies. In order to safely clear them out of your home, you need professionals. A team with the experience and equipment to complete the job in the safest, most effective way possible. Do not attempt this process on your own. Contact us immediately if you think you may have bats in your attic or on your property.

Bats In The Attic Exclusion

One of the most common bat problems we deal with is bats in the attic here in Briarcliff. A dark dry place is very attractive to these creatures. Remember that a couple of bats in your attic can become a full colony in no time at all. A colony of bats means a large amount of guano. This is where the real damage begins. This waste can seriously damage your insulation. If the guano is not removed it can lead to possible health issues for the people living in the home. Don’t spend your time or money on things that do not work or hurt yourself by taking on this problem alone. Call us right away to schedule an inspection and be on your way to a bat free home. .

Attics can be very small and very dark, creating a difficult space to work. Without the proper training and equipment, removing them will be extremely difficult. It can also be dangerous for you and the bats. We will use proven methods of removal like one way doors that allow the bats to leave but not get back in. We will continue to check the space to make sure they are all gone before we begin the next part of the process. Our methods are all safe and humane. We won’t stop there. The next phase is exclusion to make sure you will not have a repeat infestation. We follow that with clean up and repairs. We want to leave your home in the best possible condition. Calling a professional is the best way to approach this task. Call us as soon as you suspect a problem.

Bat Damage Repair

Often, after removal, there is a need for repairs. Insulation replacement is particularly common. It can become saturated with urine and guano. The waste will cause odors over time that can fill the air if not disposed of properly. The excessive droppings can also cause damage to structural materials like wood. It is also very flammable so you will want it to be cleaned properly. We can complete all of these repairs with ease. Your home will be as good as new. Contact us for an inspection today and get back your peace of mind.

Professional Bird Removal

One of our most common calls in Briarcliff is Bird removal. Birds are just like other wildlife, they are searching for shelter. We find them and their nests in many places on homes. Chimneys, vents and attics are the more common locations. Large groups of birds can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, especially for the average homeowner. We have a great team of professionals and we are ready to help you remove the birds and keep them from getting back in with our proven exclusion methods. Call us for help at (914) 877-3006.

Unfortunately, they are not just a nuisance. They bring insects and disease with them. In addition, they will create plenty of damage to your home as they find shelter in or on your home. There may even be dead birds to be removed. You will not want to attempt this on your own as they often carry disease. Call QualityPro for help right away.

Birds in Vents

Birds are also commonly found in the vents on your roof. These can be dryer vents or bathroom vents that are necessary for your home. Birds may put nesting materials in them causing blockages. We can clear them out and seal them to ensure that they won’t come back.

Birds in Attic

Birds can easily make their way into the attic of your home or business in Westchester County. Catching the problem early is key. As soon as you are aware of them you should call us. The sooner they are gone, the better. They create toxic droppings and usually bring other insects if left alone. We will inspect your attic and offer the best plan to remove them from your attic, clean and make any necessary repairs.

An important part of our process is exclusion. This involves sealing any openings to keep more birds or animals from coming in. Then we can move on to clean up and repairs, including insulation replacement. Sanitation and safety are always part of this process.

Commercial Bird Removal

Businesses in Briarcliff are often affected by birds. They can cause many problems for our local commercial buildings. We can complete an inspection and provide you with the best plan to control them. Spikes, netting or other methods may be part of the plan to make sure the problem does not continue. Droppings can be dangerous for your patrons and employees. It can contaminate the air and cause illness. It is also very unsightly at your entrance and can deter patrons from coming inside. Call us right away for an inspection. Don’t allow these pests to harm your business

Pigeon Control

There are many types of nuisance birds but, Pigeons are possibly the most common in Briarcliff. Droppings from these birds are filled with bacteria, fungi and nematodes that are health hazards for people. They also carry many parasites like lice, fleas and ticks. Diseases like salmonella and cryptococcosis are carried by them as well.

Damages to commercial buildings can be great from pigeons as well. The droppings left by them can deteriorate concrete, shingles, paint, wood and other materials on your building. They love areas like eaves, rooftops, attics and even HVAC units on the roof. Once they build a nest, they will not leave and they are not scared to be in populated places. You need professional help to get them to leave. We can help. Call us and schedule a time for us to assess your situation.

Expert Raccoon Removal

Local residents frequently need help removing raccoons in Briarcliff. If you have raccoons on your property, you are not alone, they can be found all over Westchester County. They are noisy and mischievous creatures. They are nocturnal so it is common to hear them getting into trash cans at night or causing other damages to your property. Like most animals, they are looking for food and shelter and there are many places on your property that provide enough shelter for them to build a nest. Under a porch or shed or even in your attic. We can inspect your home, remove them from your property and clean up or repair any damaged they may have left behind. Call us at (914) 877-3006.

These adorable pests are a threat to your property and more importantly, your family and pets. Because there are local laws in place regarding the removal of these animals, it is best to have professionals do the job. We are up to speed on the laws in Westchester County and the safest methods for trapping and removing these creatures. Do not leave your family at risk or put yourself in a dangerous position in terms of the law. Make sure to call us as soon as you are aware of the raccoons.

Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons can easily find their way onto your roof. From there it is a short trip into your attic. Attics are ideal locations for safety and shelter. The perfect location to nest and possibly deliver baby raccoons. The nests will likely be built with materials they find in the attic like insulation and other materials. What they don’t use in the nests will probably be damaged. When they are determined to get into the attic, roofing shingles and wood are no problem for them. They will scratch and claw their way in, leaving plenty of damage behind. Not to mention the damage created by their droppings and urine while they live in the attic. All of this means costly repairs. Call us at the first sign of a problem.

Raccoon Damage Repair

If Raccoons have made their way in, there will probably be a need for repairs. Some other common places you may find damage from raccoons are vents and soffits. They provide ways for them to gain access to your attic. They will locate any weak areas in their quest for a warm, dry place to raise their babies. Damages can also include whatever you have stored there. The waste and parasites they leave behind can be a problem long after the animals are gone. You must make sure to remove waste and properly sanitize the area. We are prepared to complete the clean up and repair that may be necessary to your insulation, wiring or ductwork. These animals are very destructive. Do not attempt to handle all of this on your own. Call us for help.

Raccoon Exclusion Services

The last step of our process is exclusion. After going through the process of removal and clean up, the last thing you want is for more raccoons to get it. That is why exclusion is a vital part of our service. Along with structural repairs, we will use proven methods to seal the attic and keep them out. You do not want to skip this step.We are very familiar with the way these animals operate and we know the best ways to keep them out. Call us today, we will restore your peace of mind and the safety of your home.

Squirrel Removal Experts

Squirrels are one of the most common nuisance animals in Briarcliff. They are found everywhere so it is no surprise that they may find their way into your home. Usually you would hear scratching or other animal sounds in your home if they have found a way in. If you are hearing them, you should call us right away. This is a problem you will want to solve quickly because it can get bad very fast. Call QualityPro in Westchester County at (914) 877-3006 if you are hearing these noises.

Signs of a Squirrel Problem

There are a few signs to look for if you think you may have squirrels in your attic or home. If you see a lot of them gathering on your roof, they are likely getting into your attic. You may also be hearing noises in your walls or in your attic. If so, they may be in your home. The first thing to do is call us. We will schedule a time to complete an inspection of your home and attic. Our team will create the best plan for your home that includes removing the animals, clean up, repairs and exclusion. We will be there from start to finish, making the process as easy as possible for you.

What Can You Do to Prevent Squirrel Problems

During the inspection we will identify where they are entering your home and we will provide a plan for the removal and exclusion of the animals and how we will seal any possible openings. There are things you can do to help keep them out of your attic. They are smart and they know where to look for food. Bird feeders, plants and flower beds are common places to find destruction. You should also make sure that tree branches are cut away from the house. Long branches can act as bridges to enter your home. Trees too close to your home can become a great springboard for them to jump onto your roof. Removing the ways to get in can help a great deal.

Once they move into your attic they bring fleas and odors from their urine and feces. Squirrels have constantly growing teeth so they are always chewing. They need to chew to make sure they wear down their teeth. All that chewing can create serious problems. We find water lines, wiring and wood siding are chewed frequently in most attics. This can mean costly repairs for homeowners.

Squirrels in Attic

It is common to find squirrels in the attic in Briarcliff. Your attic is like a palace to them so they will do whatever it takes to find a way in. They do not care what they destroy in the process. This is especially true during the breeding season. That season is usually between April and May and August to September. They will tear up vents, roofs, shingles and siding as they make their way in. These critters will use and destroy your drywall and insulation when building nests for their young as well. They are also known to chew on electrical wiring. Like other rodents their teeth never stop growing so they chew on things to keep them filed down. Your wiring can be very damaged by these pests. The attic in your home is a quiet place and they will stay there as long as they can.

Flying Squirrel Problems In Briarcliff

Flying squirrels are nocturnal and you may hear scratching noises in the attic at night. They can do just as much damage as grey squirrels. They also like to chew on wiring and wood siding but they are smaller than the grey squirrels. This means they can get in through much smaller openings. We can locate the openings and seal them for you.

Squirrel Damage Repair

You may be left with a mess after all of the squirrels have been taken out of your attic. You will need clean up and possibly repairs to wiring or insulation. Chewed wiring can be a fire hazard in your home and will need to be fixed. We can assess your damages and complete any necessary repairs to your home in Westchester County.

Along with the damages, we sometimes find dead bodies in attics. They attract other creatures to your attic. You don’t want to leave them there to draw insects and other animals inside bringing diseases with them. From the inspection to the repairs, we are prepared to help you from start to finish. Call us today!

Wildlife Removal

Briarcliff is a great place to live. It is wonderful to be so close to the city. Don’t allow nuisance wildlife issues to take away your love of this area. While there are many DIY options for extermination and wildlife removal, very few homeowners are equipped to handle it without professional help. Remember, a permanent solution is the goal, not just a temporary band aid. Keeping your home or business pest free should be taken seriously. The best way to do that is calling our experienced team. You always want to make the best decisions for long term results when it comes to your property. QualityPro has professionals that are licensed, insured and certified to rid you of unwanted wildlife in Westchester County. We are ready to put our years of experience to work for you.

There are several steps in the animal or pest control process. After an inspection is completed we start by removing the animals. But that is just the beginning. In most cases, the pests have created a mess. Droppings, contamination and structural damages are all part of the “mess”. Fortunately, our expert team has years of experience with clean up and repairs. We use safe, effective options and cutting edge technology to clear your home or business of the wildlife and the damages. We will always use humane and safe methods. After the removal we will provide you with an assessment of the damages left behind. As well as a plan for clean up, sanitation and exclusion.

Animal Trapping

QualityPro can help with a variety of nuisance animals. All of these creatures are looking for a place to eat and stay warm or possibly to have their babies and your home or office is an inviting place for them to go. You may have squirrels or bats in your attic or possibly raccoons living under your shed. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Unfortunately, these animals bring things onto your property that are not good for humans. There are hazardous droppings,parasites,insects and dead animals that can be very harmful to people if allowed to accumulate near ventilation systems. If you are seeing or hearing things that indicate a problem, we can ease your mind by removing the unwanted animals, sanitizing the area and making sure they do not come back.

Animal Damage Repair

Many homeowners are surprised at the amount of damage some pest animals can cause. Some of the damages we encounter can be costly to repair. The sooner you deal with the problem, the less damage you will be faced with. We are talking about damages that range from from chewed wiring to destroyed ductwork or drywall or even contaminated insulation are common. Insulation often needs to be completely replaced due to urine saturation. The urine and droppings can cause the air in your home to be contaminated as well, which is dangerous for you and your family or coworkers. Contaminated air can lead to respiratory issues, turning a nuisance into a health hazard. Do not put your employees, family members or loved ones at risk. Call on our team to make sure your property is free of any hazardous materials and that the job is done right from removal to restoration.

When repairs are needed, we’ve got you covered. We have a knowledgeable, professional team made up of experts in all aspects of construction. We use only the best materials and methods to complete any repairs needed in your attic or home. Sanitization, insulation replacement, wood repair, drywall and duct replacement are just a few of our areas of expertise. Our goal is to make sure your home is rid of pests and safe for you and your family. We will be there every step of the way to ensure that the job is completed safely and effectively. Let us restore your peace of mind!

Animal Exclusion

Removing the animals from your home or business is only the beginning. It is important to make sure they do not return. The average homeowner is only focused on getting the animals out of the home and they do not consider how they got in or how to keep more from getting in. We are prepared to use proven methods and devices to keep them out for good. We use a variety of exclusion methods like spikes, nets or sealants to achieve the best result for your property. The last thing you want is to go through having animals removed and then have the same problem the next year. We will carefully locate all entry points and make sure they are closed off. Rest assured, if we do the job, it will be done well.

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